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Commercial Enclosures

As the requirement for responsible recycling and waste disposal increases, apartment blocks, units and business's have needed to acquire additional wheelie bins to keep up with demand. It is also important to separate household, green waste and recycling to avoid any accidental contamination.

Bindi Commercial Enclosures can provide a solution to organising allocated areas where bins are stored and will enhance the area with a clean louvre style. Wheelie bin bays can be custom made to any length and come in both 1800 mm and 1200 mm heights.

By configuring your wheelie bin area with a storage bay, it will provide a clean and organised facility to house your bins.


Color Range

Colour Range Available in Light Shale. Cedar & White coming soon

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"Our Strata Body all agree that your new Wheelie Bin Bays have tidied up our park area. We have had many debates on how to resolve organising the wheelie bins and enclosing them and your company has provided a clean and effective solution.""

John Mckenzie - Camden